Francesco Ciullo

My dream is to create a manufacturing company in our area/territory, capable of producing work places along with manufactures.

Sales Engineer

Fabio Ciullo

I gave boost and charge to the realization of our business growth and projects. I am in charge of the refrigeration circuits planning through specific softwares.

Head of Technical dept

Marco Zingariello

I take care of all the work stages, from the customer’s receipt of request to the selection of the materials’ suppliers. I am also in charge of the technical-economic offers realization.

Metal Fabrication Manager

Cataldo Polito

I am the metal fabrication workshop manager. I take actively part to the planning/design and product innovation processes.

Electricity Engineer

Cosimo Albano

I take care of the electricity sector thanks to a great theoretical expertise and years of field experience.

Refrigeration Engineer

Giuseppe Petralia

I am the responsible of the refrigeration department and installation testing

Metal Fabrication Technician

Giuseppe Marzulli

I take care of the assemblies in the metal fabrication department and of mechanical assembly.

Electrical Operations Technician

Paolo Trisolini

I take care of the electrical panels’ realization and of the refrigeration circuits preparation.